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Neurocognitive tests use small tasks to directly measure cognitive functions. These tests are crafted to measure specific aspects of brain function, such as reaction time, attention, visual processing, or memory. Using these quantitative measurements, researchers and clinicians gain powerful insight into what’s happening in the brain.

BrainCheck’s battery of tests use objective, standardized methods that are designed to get a snapshot of your brain health in minutes. Scores can be compared to your individual baseline and to the population average.

FIT and Braincheck M.O.U signed March 2017





SML is one of the largest Dental Laboratories in the United States. Their state of the art facilities ensures the FITGuard is manufactured in adherence to the best practices established within the oral health industry. Our products are not only easy to use but recommended by a dentist as we are custom-manufactured to each individual user. This ensures that the data collected is highly correlated to the users center of gravity within their cranium.

FIT and SML M.O.U signed June 2017





Clinical tools for objectively measuring and training brain function, Evoke Neuroscience creates cutting edge technology that allows physicians to evaluate patient brain health and to train the brain in order to achieve healthier functioning. Their focus is on improving human health and wellbeing They are developing and delivering the most important advances in brain science in order to solve the current gap in comprehensive brain assessments and training solutions.

FIT and Evoke are collaborating on research opportunities to better understand “Return to Play” spectrum and it’s correlation to cranial acceleration.

FIT and Evoke M.O.U signed Aug 2017