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Institutes of Education

The University of Kentucky (U.S.A)

Institute of Technology Tallaght (Ireland)

Felsted Preparatory School (U.K)

Dr.Cohen – Necksafe

  • Cohen created Australia’s NeckSafe which is a Not For Profit Charity started over 20 years ago, and the NeckSafe and HeadSafe monitors are the labels under which educational courses, promote awareness and advocacy and seek to research these important areas are provided. In the last year, this organization has conducted the Randwick Project and received press, radio and television focus on this study, in addition to the educational aspects of our work www.necksafe.com.au/training and www.headsafe.com.au/training, with both face-face and online courses

Dr. Koshida – Ryotokuji University

  • Background In Japan, head injuries such as acute subdural hematoma sustained during judo participation among young and inexperienced judo practitioners are gaining widespread public attention because of the frequency and severity of these types of injuries. Not only such severe injuries, a great number of mild traumatic brain injuries can occur during judo practice/competition. The previous research demonstrated approximately one-third of judo practitioners had experienced at least single episode of MTBI through their athletic career. However, there research was conducted retrospectively with a questionnaire.
  • Purpose Using a wearable device that allows quantitative measurement of applied impact to the head, we aim to investigate the frequency ( and severity) of the head impact during judo practice in a whole season.

Rika Carlsen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering Robert Morris University | School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

  • Carlson will be assisting in the clinical validation and testing of the sensor that can be used in for peer-reviewed medical journals. In order for this to happen the FIT team needs to work with an OEM to develop a sensor capable of measuring 10,000 samples per second. Dr. Carlsen is the medical advisor for this portion of the project.

Don Muzzi, DMD, MD | Association of Ringside Physicians

  • A former dentist, turned Neuroanesthesologiest, Dr. Muzzi now sits on the board of Association of Ringside Physicians. His organization is involved in every professional boxing, kickbox, and mixed marital arts fight. We are working with Dr.Muzzi to better understand how we can support his organization. The long term goal is to have Dr. Muzzi fill the role as FIT’s Medical Advisor due to his duality of a Dentist and neurology background.

Lexy E. Richards, Arizona State University

  • Research Study: Validating Force-Sensing Mouthguards Against Expert Concussion Analysis to Guide Removal from Play in Collegiate Athletics
  • ASU student athlete volunteers will be recruited from club sports and/or competitive programs to be determined in consultation with ASU athletics. These sports all incorporate full contact practices and athletes are known to have moderate-to-high risk of sustaining mTBI. Volunteer study subjects will receive a customizable instrumented mouthguard (FITGuard) to be fitted to the athlete’s individual mouth. Each instrumented mouthguard records linear and angular head momentum and transmits a colored LED display indicating risk of possible mTBI. After fitting, investigators will modify the mouthguard to obscure the LED indicator for mTBI risk in order to blind athletes and athletic trainers to mouthguard signals during the study.

Walt Schneider | Professor Bioengineering, Neurosurgery, Radiology & Psychology University of Pittsburgh & University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

  • Schneider’s mission includes providing advice to and work with sensor vendors to improve the science and clinical utility of TBI dosimetry. Dr. Schneider looks forward to working with FIT to advance the technology to be effective and deploy at scale. This will involve creating science and engineering that does not yet exist. Dr. Schneider and FIT hope we can work together on this mission. FIT expects good sensor/post processing system soon and a great one in a few years.


82nd Airborne Parajumping (Fort Bragg)

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