This Program is now closed!

We are currently on a second batch of Beta Testers. Guardians can expect to receive a unit toward the end of 2016.

By becoming a Guardian today, you will be a part of our exclusive Beta-Testing program, in which you will receive a FITGuard absolutely free! As such, you will be one of the FIRST to use our revolutionary new product, in action! You will help us test our product, while we provide you with the device in hopes of gathering valuable consumer feedback. Additionally, you will receive exclusive discounts if you decide to purchase the live product.

What does it mean to be a Guardian? Well, you are our first line of support! As a Guardian, you will be the first to receive the latest news and insider information on the progress of the FITGuard, and you will be an exemplary supporter of the cause of head-injury awareness and promoting safety in youth athletics.

What is the difference between the Beta Test Program and just buying a device?

As a Guardian we would love to hear your opinions of the device. We want to know if the device malfunctions, or if you have any suggestions for improvement. To this point, we anticipate that there may be some issues; maybe the device won’t turn on or won’t properly sync with your smart phone. Situations like these will be helpful for us in developing effective solutions to minimize confusion upon the final release of the product. We hope you report any issues you experience and allow us an opportunity to fix them.

Why does it say FITGuardian Membership? I just want the mouthguard.

Due to some specific credit card merchant agreements, we cannot charge your credit card, unless we plan to ship the product within 30 days. Our expected dates for shipment are late 2016, therefore we offer the Membership which includes a free FITGuard. The membership payment is charged immediately and will be applied directly to producing your Beta Unit. There is little to no profit margin on these test units. However, what we aim to gain from insightful customer feedback is invaluable.

Why hasn’t it asked for shipping information?

We will gather that information via email request as we approach our expected shipping date.

How old do they have to be to use the device?

We typically recommend that users be at least 11 years of age, but this is not a requirement. If your child is currently using an adult sized mouthguard, we follow the same industry-standard sizing. We have left room at the rear of the molar for trimming and minor alterations to the moldable plastic to be removed for a more comfortable fit. As you can imagine, we will NOT be able to offer any returns after you try the mouthguard on for sizing.

How long will the Beta Testing last?

This is one of the major objective we hope to identify through our beta-testing. Testing the device in a controlled setting does not always translate to real-world settings. We hope the Beta device will have a sufficient power management system in place. However, at this time, an estimate cannot be given as it is under development.

More Questions?

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!