Frequently Asked Questions

When will the product be available for purchase?

We are currently entering our testing phase which will include laboratory & clinical tests, as well as a Beta Test Program. We hope to have a shippable product by early 2017. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on our release date!

Can I join the Beta Program?

Our Beta Test Program is now open CLOSED to the public. If you still wish to be involved you may purchase the FITGUARDIAN membership. The membership includes a free FITGuard for testing purposes. As a part of this Beta Test process we encourage members to report back any suggestions, comments, or concerns so that we may address them prior to our mass production phase. Please note that the battery life in these units may be less than our standard product. Additionally, you will receive a discount once we release the final FITGuard product.

How long will the device last?

We anticipate that the device’s battery will last between 4-6 hours of continuous use. After this point, it will then require a recharge of 6-8 hours. We are hoping to integrate wireless charging into our FITGuard case, so you can plug the case into a power source and simply place your FITGuard in its case for safe storage and easy charging.

What is the recommend age of use?

Due to the various stages at which children grow, we recommend the child be at least 11 years of age to allow for the full development of their mouth. This is not to say the device cannot be used in children under age 11, it just may not comfortably fit. Furthermore, the primary consideration is not specifically age but rather the size of the user’s mouth.  The device may not fit on all individuals, though it is of standard size and will fit a majority of the population. If you are currently using an adult mouthguard then our device will fit similarly.

Is it just like a normal mouthguard?

The outer structure and integrity of the mouthguard will function just as any other mouthguard. It uses the industry standard Boil & Bite EVA plastic, and retains the inherent properties of protecting the teeth and restricting rapid jaw movement.

Can I form it to my teeth?

Our device uses industry-standard Boil & Bite EVA plastic. It will functionally act just like any other mouthguard and can be submerged in boiling water during formation.